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OG-USA is a package that provides code and data to calibrate an overlapping-generations (OG) model to the economy of the United States (USA). OG-USA uses as a dependency the OG-Core package, which contains the core theory and logic of a general OG model. The OG-USA calibration package and the OG-Core theory and logic make the model that allows for dynamic general equilibrium analysis of federal fiscal policy in the United States. The model output focuses on changes in macroeconomic aggregates (GDP, investment, consumption), wages, interest rates, and the stream of tax revenues over time. This documentation of the OG-USA package contains the following major sections, which are regularly updated.

  • Contributing to OG-USA


  • Calibration

  • References

  • Citations of OG-USA

Core Maintainers#

Jason DeBacker (GitHub handle @jdebacker) and Richard W. Evans (GitHub handle @rickecon) are the core maintainers of OG-USA. If you have questions about or contributions to the model or repository, please submit a GitHub “Issue” described in the Submitting a GitHub Issue subsection or “Pull Request” as described in the Submitting a GitHub Pull Request subsection of the Workflow section of the OG-USA Contributor Guide.


The model is continuously under development. Users will be notified through closed PR threads and through the release notes what changes have been implemented. The package will have released versions, which will be checked against existing code prior to release. Stay tuned for an upcoming release!

Citing OG-USA#

OG-USA (Version #.#.#)[Source code], PSLmodels/OG-USA